Seasonal SEO Case Study

Featuring Jolly Festive

Increasing Traffic by Over 606% to a Unique Seasonal Business

We are deep-diving into my favourite season for this seasonal SEO Case Study! Christmas!

Jolly Festive is an informational website focused on Christmas. They are a one-stop shop for all your Christmas guides and information, from the latest trends to the best Christmas markets and days out around the UK.

They have lots of free downloads and tutorials alongside their information guides to help you plan out the most magical Christmas imaginable

The Problem

When Jolly Festive came to Lead Better SEO for monthly SEO, they had three main problems:

  • They were trying to gain traction into an extremely competitive niche.
  • They had little to no keyword focus.
  • They had a poor website structure.

Jolly Festive is an Informational website focusing on the Christmas niche, their website has a mix of how-to articles relating to Christmas decorations, food and activities.

They work off affiliate commissions, focusing on list building and were looking to get the website to the position they could apply to some of the more bespoke advertising networks in order to run ads on their website.

The website has a high-end festive feel to it. Jolly Festive are great and as you can imagine are passionate about all things Christmas — but, as you can probably guess, the competitiveness of this niche was making things tricky for them.

When we first connected with Hannah and Jo at Jolly Festive, they told us that they were looking for an SEO agency that could help them hit the 50,000 organic visitors each month that they needed to apply to certain ad accounts as well as generally grow their business brand, increasing organic traffic month on month with more page 1 rankings.

Their other issue was that they were working on a very tight budget which meant they would be doing a lot of tasks between themselves with very little outsourcing. What budget they did have was going on SEO and some paid ads.

The Strategy

Our first steps were running an SEO audit and then finding the appropriate keywords for Jolly Festive for both their existing content and their future content.

We decided to target four separate groups of keywords:

  • Decor
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Gifts

We then looked into the intent for each seed category and created content clusters around that. Starting first with existing content and then moving on to the new content that would need to be created.

We knew there would be some website visitors who would be interested in all the seed categories but we found the best focus would be the majority of the data which meant people would be focusing on one topic at any one time.

In other words, people looking for gifts were more likely to travel from one gift guide to another. Those looking for decorating ideas were likely to travel between the decorating pages etc.

We then created an internal linking strategy that would suit those clusters

As we got closer to Christmas 2022 our client’s website attracted the attention of the producers Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on channel 4 and they were invited to take part.

Once the show had aired this then allowed us to create a content cluster around the topics they showed off during the program and meant we could target some of the traffic searching for the Christmas crafts and ideas shown on the show.

Below are some examples of articles on those topics.

  • A Word About Christmas Wreaths
  • 25 Fun Food Elf Breakfast Ideas
  • Make Our Kirsties Handmade Movie Night Hamper
    Christmas Train Rides

We spent six months optimizing new and old posts for Jolly Festive,. We also updated the SEO for the main landing pages. Three months in we began a campaign to build backlinks to our content as well.

The Results

Let’s compare — How their results improved within months of working with us just in time for them to capture the market at the peak time for them! 

Given that Jolly Festive main income sources are Affiliate and Ad income it’s been vital to increase those traffic numbers to allow them access to some of the best Ad and Affiliate platforms and increase the income they make from these.
The SEO improved the performance of the blog and website so much it went from very few visitors to attracting the attention of the producers of one of TV’s biggest Christmas shows, Kirstie Handmade Christmas. It did this within 6 months of putting our strategy into action.

What This Means For Your Brand

There’s an SEO strategy for every business — including yours.

Because of how competitive their niche is, Jolly Festive weren’t sure they would have a big impact from organic traffic.

Or if they did they would have to spend huge sums of money to achieve this

We were happy to prove them wrong and with only 6 months work had improved their traffic by 606% compared to the previous year!

Your business can find this level of success as well, all you have to do is implement the right SEO strategy, one which identifies the best keywords and content for your site.

You can have this you just need to choose the best SEO partner for your business.

Get in touch with Lead Better SEO today — and we’ll create an SEO strategy for you blow away your expectations!