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Featuring Little Beanies Photography

1 year to over 650 front-page keywords

For this photography SEO case study we are looking at the work we did for Little Beanies. Little Beanies are a children and family photographer based in Warwickshire. They focus on natural, stress free newborn and family lifestyle photography sessions

The Problem

Little Beanies came to Lead Better SEO they had definite SEO traffic goals they wanted to reach but they had real problems achieving them.

They were looking to capture a local market for family photography, in a relatively competitive niche and geographical location and while their website itself was appealing. It just wasn’t getting any traction in the search engines.

They signed up for our monthly SEO Package and it didn’t take us long to realise it was suffering from some specific problems.

  • Despite wanting to capture ranking for precise locations, it didn’t actually mention those locations anywhere in its copy.
  • The website was poorly structured and had no internal links between pages.
  • It was incredibly slow to load.
  • They had no Google Business Profile listing (then Google My Business).
  • The website lacked any real focus.

Little Beanies is a family photographer who carries out newborn photoshoots, family shoots, and maternity shoots. Lisa who is the brains behind Little Beans (and Imaginative pictures for business and branding photography) believes in natural photography.

Her ethos is that the best images come when the whole family is relaxed so she focuses primarily on natural images where kids are playing, normal family interactions and the same with the newborn images.

Lisa is a high-end family photographer and she’s great but her prices are at the higher end of the scale for photographers

When we first connected Lisa made it clear she wanted to dominate location rankings but also emphasise her unique selling points and the fact she is different to the majority of photographers working in her area.

The Strategy

When it came to crafting an SEO strategy for Little Beanies. We had to first identify the location-specific keywords and create a content plan to match that.

We then created a bank of blogging keywords as we knew blogging and content creation were going to be a big part of our SEO strategy moving forward.

Once we had the keyword and content plan in place we had to focus on the following.

  • Creating and optimising a Google My Business Listing
  • Sorting out the website speed.
  • Improving the overall optimisation of the website.

When it came to the blogging keywords we examined the search behavior behind them, and wrote blog copy to target the search intent behind the people using them.

  • Cost Of Newborn Photography In Stratford Upon Avon.
  • What To Wear For a Family Photoshoot.
  • Why Newborn Photography Is Important

We mapped out and created 6 months worth of blog content at a time for Little Beanies, mixing the content between general information posts and location-specific posts. Four months in the blog strategy, we began a campaign to build backlinks to the blog content, having spent the first four months of the project focusing on citations and location-based links as well ensuring the new blog content was being crawled and indexed.

The Results

Let’s compare — September of 2021 to 2022.

MetricSeptember 2021September 2022
Users2012,421 (1,104%)
Total Keywords (page 1)56657 (1,073%)
Traffic Value (estimated)£242£3575 (1377%)


Little Beans sell via direct contact not direct from their website so our focus was increasing the page 1 listings and turning those into traffic and new leads for the business that Lisa could then convert into customers once they had reached out.

We also grew their MAP pack listings significantly during the course of the year and within 12 months traffic from the MAP pack accounted for 21% of all their traffic.

What This Means For Your Local Business

Every Local business can drive local, targeted traffic to their website all you need is the correct strategy for you.

It doesn’t matter how long your competitors have had the number 1 slot for local search, with the right content and keywords you can make that spot your own and start to reap the rewards very quickly

There is no “magic formula” for SEO it takes hard work and good plan for you to achieve success but your local business can easily achieve this and the sooner you get started the better!

Little Beanies increased their traffic by over 1,000% within a year of working with us and those numbers are still climbing

If you would like to capture results like this for your business then get in touch with Lead Better SEO today and we can get started on making sure your business dominates your local market!

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