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SEO Case Study

Featuring Rachel Boswell

6 months to over 1000 keywords including 101 page 1 Keywords

For this case study, we are doing a deep dive into our client Rachel. Rachel is a neurodivergent business and lifestyle coach who came to us looking to improve her overall rankings in the search engines. Expand her business reach into other countries and develop a strong knowledge hub on her website as she wanted to rely less on social media and more on her website.

The Problem

Rachel came to us via a recommendation from a previous client as she was eager to consistently grow her business but without relying on social media, which they found very stressful and time-consuming.

Rachel was looking to help entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals find a better work-life balance and happiness in their work.

While the online coaching industry is a crowded market place Rachel had a very unique angle and selling point that she was taking, focusing on a specific niche and problem.

Rachel had got some traction on social media, but it wasn’t working for her the way she wanted to, so she wanted to look and see what SEO could do for her.

We knew from the beginning that the site had some problems that we would need to address quickly.

  • Rachel had no keyword focus on the website
  • There were some structural issues with the website
  • It was incredibly slow to load
  • There were no internal or external links
  • The website had no clear direction.

Rachel specialises in helping business owners and entrepreneurs overcome challenges to help make their businesses and lives as successful and stress-free as possible.

Rachel is a high-end business and life coach and is very experienced in what she does but she is also working in a very crowded market place so we had to take all that into account when working on her SEO strategy.

Rachel had a unique selling point in that she worked a lot with people who had ADHD and were neurodiverse, something she also had personal experience in dealing with.

As well as looking to grow her website in the search engines we were also looking to grow her podcast and implement podcast SEO for her to help her achieve the growth via her podcast that she was looking for.

The Strategy

When it came to creating the SEO strategy for Rachel the first thing we did was set some SEO goals, for both her website and for her podcast.

She wanted both to be the dominant force in growing her email list using mainly organic traffic as opposed to social media or PPC.

We ran a full audit on her website and devised a plan for implementing the fixes between ourselves and her website design team.

Once the technical SEO was taken care of we then moved on to identifying the best keywords for her website’s current content and any new content that would be created.

We also had all her podcast episodes transcribed and added to her website to increase the content on there, add mixed media to her site and allow her to effectively redistribute content she had already created.

Once the technical SEO and content strategy was in place we moved onto the following:

  • Creating new pages and optimising her website as a whole
  • Improving her website speed
  • Increasing the opportunities for people to sign up to her mailing list, making it easier for her to grow her list but also for people to join her list
  • Devised and implemented an internal linking strategy
  • Created a Digital PR strategy for the client to implement.
  • We then made sure each of her podcasts were optimised on her chosen podcast platform and that there was continuity between that and her website

The Results

Let’s compare — July of 2020 to 2021.

MetricJuly 2020July 2021
Users4174,677 (1,121%)
Total Keywords 711077 (1,517%)
Traffic Value (estimated)£146£5900 (4,041%)


Rachels Clients are mainly UK wide, but she was also looking to expand into other areas like the US and Europe.

To do this we had to expand the content on her website using content clusters, increase the volume of keywords she ranked for and improve their overall positions within the search engines.

What This Means For Your Coaching Business

When it comes to SEO for your coaching business, the truth is that your knowledge is your most valuable resource

We tapped into that with Rachel and expanded the content on her site, improved what was already there and got rid of any content that didn’t work for her any more.

As a result, Rachel increased her overall rankings drastically to over 1000 searches in the top 100 and increased her page 1 ranking results from 11 to 101 within a year of working with us and those stats made a significant difference to her overall business growth.

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